While your noble vows never ceased to flow Mentre l'alte promesse a mille a mille
While your noble vows never ceased to flow,
though your flat denials never fooled me
nor orgasm's sweet luxurious calm,
my sorrow did not outweigh my pleasure.
Then the hot sparkling coals began to burn
and the sweetness soured, turned bitter,
unimportant, desire sickened, ran down
my thighs until all I could hope for was
the death that was so slow in coming.

Mentre l'alte promesse a mille a mille
con mentita pietà non m'ingannaro
furon le fiame mie dolci e tranquille,
e 'l dolor e 'l piacer corsero al paro.
Crebbero poi sì calde le faville,
sommerse il poco dolce il molt'amaro,
e sì corse l'infermo mio desio
che la speranza col tardar morio.


1915 Salza, p. 12; 1995 Bullock 11:68-69. For Key see A Note on the Italian texts


Bullock says this is another of the early love poems, and is one of three poems found in a anthology found in the library of the University of Bologna, and he provides a paraphrase, see 1995 Bullock p. 69n. He pairs this with Tosto che 'l sol si scopre in orïente.
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