The minute the sun appears in the east Tosto che 'l sol si scopre in or´ente
The minute the sun appears in the east
ceaselessly flowing tears leak from my eyes,
nor do I gain control when the sun sets,
since my grief knows no truce, will not let me
rest, nor yield its grip deep within my core.
When day is spent, the stars' sad music
charms me and then I weep to cry again.
Whether the time is troubled or quiet,
my temperament deeply melancholy,
my soul consents to melt into liquid.

Tosto che 'l sol si scopre in or´ente
lagrimosa tempesta agli occhi sorge,
nÚ perchÚ si ricopra in occidente
tregua al mio lagrimar la doglia porge.
Splendan le stell'o sian dal giorno spente
sempre pi¨ vivo il pianto mio risorge;
o sia torbida l'ora o sia tranquilla
in mestissimo umor l'alma si stilla.


1915 Salza, pp. 12-13; 1995 Bullock 12:69. For Key see A Note on the Italian texts


Bullock says this is another of the early love poems, and is one of three poems found in a anthology found in the library of the University of Bologna, and he provides a paraphrase, see 1995 Bullock p. 69n. He pairs this with Mentre l'alte promesse a mille a mille. The poem is also discussed by Giorgio Dilemmi in Veronica Gambara e la Poesia del Suo Tempo, p. 28).
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