EC/ASECS 2012 Conference


EC/ASECS 2012 Conference

What does Infamy Matter?

What does infamy matter when you get to keep your fortune? -
                                         Juvenal, Satire I

Call for Panels & Papers

Join us for the EC-ASECS annual meeting November 1-3 2012 at the Hyatt Regency Baltimore on the Inner Harbor. Panels and papers on all subjects relating to fame, infamy, celebrity, shame, grace, disgrace and the treatment of infamy as a neo-classical trope and in the arts are welcome. Panel submissions by March 15, 2012 and paper proposals by June 15, 2012. Please send panel and paper submissions to

George S. Rousseau, Oxford University, will deliver a plenary address on "The Infamy of Notoriety: a MIcrohistory in Georgian England." There will be a special reception to launch Prof. Rousseau's new book, The Notorious Sir John Hill: The Man Destroyed by Ambition in the Age of Celebrity (Lehigh University Press).