Anthony Trollope: Non-Fiction (Essays & Criticism)

Wm Powell Frith (1829-1909), A Private View at the Royal Academy in 1881 (Trollope is on far left)

On this page the reader will find Anthony Trollope's non-fiction (essays and criticism). I have chosen to print those texts which are rare, out of print, or have never been printed; texts which appear in large expensive collections or periodicals not generally available to the public; and texts which are difficult to get to (i.e., in rare book rooms). I've also looked for good quality and what is of interest historically as well as aesthetically and culturally.

  • The National Gallery (1861)
  • Notes on Jane Austen's Emma (1864)
  • An Essay on Richardson's Clarissa (1868)
  • On the Higher Education of Women (1868)
  • The Uncontrolled Ruffianism of London (1868)
  • On English Prose Fiction as a Rational Amusement (1870)
  • The Young Women at the London Telegraph Office (1877)
  • An Obituary of George Henry Lewes (1878)
  • From The Genius of Nathaniel Hawthorne (1879)
  • A Walk in a Wood (1879)
    London, 1940s, remains of a library, caved-in from bomb

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